In 2008, West African Fish ltd. was founded as a joint venture between Palm Accres ltd. and Royal Danish Fish Group A/S from Denmark. The aim of the co-operation was to create an aqua cultural farm, producing fresh tilapia of the highest quality possible,
and doing so at the most environmentally friendly farm in Africa. This strategy has proven quite success full.


West African Fish ltd. is currently selling all of the fish we produce at domestic markets. The fish are sold in fresh condition, to customers such as wholesalers and retailers, as well as directly to restaurants, hotels and the like.The farm is located at Lake Volta in the Eastern Region, near the small town of Asikuma.Currently the operation has produced a total of 50 jobs directly at the farm, and will increase this number to 80-100 in 2012.


We estimate that 400 different families have been affected by our production and benefit either directly, or indirectly, through spin-off in resale of our fish or similar practices.West African Fish ltd. has had a very successful start, seeing almost explosive growth. In 2008 when we saw the start of the operation we produced 28 tons of fish. By 2012 we expect to produce more than 4000 tons a year.


The company is also responsible and very active in CSR activities, and recently made a donation to a new school building with 3 class rooms for the primary school in Asikuma. This is all part of our strategy for a long time relation and support the educational sector in the area.


West African Fish ltd. also is a proud member of the Ghana Business Code.


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