Royal Danish Fish has a very active policy for restocking eel fry. In total, Danish eel producers released more than two million eels into the wild in 2011. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration handles the release program, and ensures that the fry are healthy before release. The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration also determines which lakes and streams the eels will be released into. For every eel from a Danish producer that ends up on the dinner table, five live eels have been released back into the wild.

“This makes good sense for us,” concludes Mogens Mathiasen. “Because while the survival rate in the wild is very low, it is really good in our recirculation system. Eventually, some of the released eels will be caught as adults, and some of them will hopefully wander back to the Sargasso Sea near North America to guarantee the next generation. We feel a great responsibility to help ensure the stock of the European eel, and we constantly keep this in mind both by participating in release programs and by providing financial support for research projects that are trying to get eels to spawn in captivity. This will give us an alternative to catching glass eels.”







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