New UN Global Compact report



Royal Danish Fish Group has joined the UN Global Compact
since 2009,the world's largest initiative for corporate social responsibility,
which involves private companies in solving some of the world’s social
and environmental challenges.


The UN Global Compact builds on ten general principles that companies commit to follow regarding the environment, labor relations, human rights
and anti-corruption.


Find our COP 2016-2017 here (Communication on Progress) 


These requirements apply to all Royal Danish Fish Group activities, both those in Denmark and those in Ghana, West Africa, where the Royal Danish Fish Group subsidiary, West African Fish Ltd., has a successful production of tilapia, a freshwater fish.

The company’s Ghanaian aquaculture system employs the same environmentally friendly recirculation technology as those run by the company in Denmark. Sold to the domestic market, the Ghanaian production provides more than 400 families with their livelihoods.




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