SCR means Corporate Social Responsibility. Basically CSR is about companies acting responsibly in global and environmental issues.  For example by taking human rights, social terms, environmental issues, the welfare of employees, environment and climate into account.

Being certified as the first breeding facility in the world to fulfill the requirements in Sustainable Eel Standard, is a satisfying but very demanding position. The standard sets high requirements for catching, feeding and handling eels – but for us, it obviously doesn’t stop there.

We also meet the environmental requirements that are given to us, both in Denmark and in the rest of the world. Furthermore we try to make room for everybody. For example, we have a lot of employees, who despite lesser handicaps, prove to be important parts of our team.

Through our breeding facilities in Ghana, West African Fish, we create jobs and livelihoods for about four hundred families, which benefit either directly, or indirectly, through spin-off in resale of our fish or similar practices.

Novagraf A/S